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What We Do

Global K9 Protection Group takes a groundbreaking approach to reshape the way canine services are delivered. Leveraging our teams' combined experience and lessons learned from other canine service providers, we have developed a model to provide consistent and sustainable canine services. Our team has been activity engaged in the War on Terrorism deploying canine teams around the globe in order to mitigate the threat of explosive materials and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).   


Single Purpose Service Offerings:

  • Explosive Detection Canine Teams (EDCT)

  • Narcotic Detection Canine Teams (NDCT)

  • Patrol Canine Teams (PCT)

Dual Purpose Service Offerings:

  • Patrol Explosive Detection Teams (P-EDCT)

  • Patrol Narcotic Detection Canine Teams (P-NDCT)

  • Person-borne / Explosive Detection Canine Teams

We understand that our clients depend on the services we provide to protect their most valuable resources. This necessitates that we continuously deliver solutions that are sustainable and reliable regardless of the circumstances.
— Eric Hare | CEO
Global K9 Protection Group Canine Team Searching Cargo
GK9PG Cargo Screening K9 Team

Our Teams provide unparalleled protection and deterrence to our clients to safeguard critical infrastructure, cargo, mail, personnel screening areas, public venues (large or small), and public transportation areas. Our teams are trained to the U.S Military Working Dog standards (AR 190-12), Contract Working Dog Standards (CWD) and United Police Work Dog Association (UPWDA). Additionally, our teams are trained at their foundational level ATF National Oder recognition test (NORT) / Department of State order recognition test (DSORT) resulting in highly effective teams in detection, patrol and risk mitigation.

Security gaps can jeopardize the safety and reliability of our Client's operations, as one missed explosive threat places customers, employees, facilities and brand in harms way. It is absolutely vital that we provide them with security solutions that are proven, efficient, and reliable. We understand what is at stake and vow to only offer solutions that are calculated, well planned, and realistic.  Our commitment to excellence and services are unmatched by the industry. We strive to deploy the highest quality independently certified canine teams across the U.S. 

GK9PG's Explosive Detection Canine Team Searching Cargo

Global K9 Protection Group offers a global footprint with far-reaching experience providing a turn-key solution on land, air or sea. Our masterful team of canine professionals have a track record of exemplary service in delivering security and detection solutions while remaining compliant with state, local, federal, and international laws. 

Our detection services are a force multiplier to prevent the impact of unmitigated risks at arenas, indoor or outdoor events, vehicle or personnel screening areas, large storage areas, freight transportation, air cargo and entry control points. Our canine teams are ideal to bolster existing security measures; teams are trained to provide static or roving patrols, tracking, work large crowds, aircraft, or vessel in any weather, terrain or astir environment.