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Paul Orcutt - VP of Training for Global K9 Protection Group

Paul Orcutt

Chief Quality Officer

Paul has years operational K9 experience in the Middle East fighting the Global war on terror for a Clandestine U.S. government agency. In 2010 Paul participated in a TSA / Private sector canine research project to determine the feasibility and proof of concept of private sector working dog teams to screen cargo. Paul has 28 years of management and leadership in the Marine Corps and in the private sector. Throughout his career, Paul has developed and implemented numerous canine training program for U.S. and Foreign Government entities, private security companies, and U.S. and International Oil and Gas firms. Paul also has more than a decade of experience in private sector K9 working directly with clients to develop a customized plan which ensures a safe venue and also provides a positive guest experience as well as to not slow the through put of cargo or goods. More recently, Paul was an interictal party of transforming AMK9s training process and protocols for the Department of State Canine Validation Test. Paul is one of the only 4 civilians certified by the United Police Working Dog Association as a Master Trainer.