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TSA is Requesting a Revision to the Certified Cargo Screening Standard Security Program

On December 12, 2018 the TSA released a document via the Federal Register with the intent to request a revision from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the Certified Cargo Screening Standard Security Program. This document serves as an invitation for public comment on the current approved Information Collection Request (ICR), OMB control number 1652-0053. This revision is being submitted in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

The ICR describes the nature of the information collection and its expected burden. The collections of information that make up this ICR include:

  • Applications from entities that wish to become:

    - Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSFs)

    - Third-Party Canine-Cargo (3PK9-C) Certifiers or

    - Certified Cargo Screening Program-Canine (CCSP-K9) Holders

  • Personally, identifiable information to allow TSA to conduct security threat assessments (STA) on certain individuals employed by the CCSFs, 3PK9-C Certifiers, Certified Cargo Screening Facilities-K9 (CCSF-K9) and those authorized to conduct 3PK9-C Program activities.

  • Standard security program or submission of a proposed modified security program or amendment to a security program by CCSFs and CCSFK9s; or standards provided by TSA or submission of a proposed modified standard by 3PK9-C Certifiers.

  • Recordkeeping requirements for CCSFs, CCSF-K9s and 3PK9-C Certifiers.

  • Designation of a Security Coordinator (SC) by CCSFs and CCSF-K9s.

  • Significant security concerns detailing information of incidents, suspicious activities, and/or threat information by CCSFs, 3PK9-C Certifiers, and CCSP-K9 Holders.

Below you will find the published document for viewing. Click here to view in the Federal Register.

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