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Shipco Transport Implementing K9 Cargo Screening

The recent launch of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Third Party Canine (3PK9) program, is a variation of the previously established Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) program. Shipco Transport is on the forefront of integrating explosive detection canines solutions by leveraging this newly established Certified Cargo Screening Facility K9 (CCSF-K9) into their operations. They wrote about this in their January 2019 Airfreight Newsletter. Read the article below.

Oz flanked by his handler from Global K9 Protection Group and Shipco’s Airfreight Manager Craig Cannizzaro.

Oz flanked by his handler from Global K9 Protection Group and Shipco’s Airfreight Manager Craig Cannizzaro.

Oz, a (shipping) man’s best friend!

We’ve been counting down the days since we learned last year that a CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) would be allowed to use third party K9 teams for screening.

TSA promised to have the program ready by the end of last year, of course we were a little skeptical. No reason to be so, TSA delivered upon their promise this time. On December 28th, we had 14,000 kgs K-9 screened at our facility in EWR.

Shipco has always been a big believer in doing our own screening. We have been a CCSF since 2010. Many of our customers prefer their cargo is screened in our controlled environment, rather than at a handling agent representing multiple airlines. It also allows us the ability to “cut the lines” at the airport when we roll up with pre-screened and pre-built freight. Only if we do the screening are we allowed to build and tender full ULDs. By doing so, we get a later cut-off, freight is much less prone to damages and delays; and it obviously has a positive influence on the rates as well.

The down side has been the limitations in terms of what could be screened, and the often (very) slow process. Furthermore, traditional screening methods require human interpretation, which is arguable. Not so much with Oz, he is fast, and it is either YES or NO.

Partnering With GK9PG

GK9PG is a technology focused company that is focused on developing dynamic solutions to meet the ever-changing security landscape. By embracing digital transformation and infusing lessons learned we are able to deliver the highest quality K9 services in the industry.