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Data-Driven Air Cargo Security Solutions

In any business venture it is critical to understand the progress that has been made. As a data-driven organization we are consistently tracking and analyzing data in order to ensure continuous improvement of our operations. Creation a data driven organization requires the development of a culture that values data, building the infrastructure to capture the data, and establishing clearly defined standards.

Capturing data is only the beginning, analyzing this information is what makes it valuable. Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is vital to ensuring that we are reaching optimal performance of our teams in the field. These metrics assist in keeping our staff aligned on common goals across the organization.

The following graphic provides a high-level summary of the KPI we are tracking on our Certified Cargo Screening Facility – K9 (CCSF-K9) program. The traditional yardstick measurements used to judge work performance within this space are drastically different from those of a normal industrial company.

GK9PG’s Certified Cargo Screening Program - K9 (CCSP-K9) statistic thru April 2019.

Since January 2019 our teams have searched over 158,694 boxes and 169,866 skids. Clearly understanding the number of items that our CCSF-K9 teams have searched is essential to determining the Alarm Rate. Our 0.008% Alarm Rate is significantly lower than that of traditional X-ray screening which we have found 53% of mechanical parts and 22% of electronics are identified as suspicious items. These items must then be searched by an additional method which increases the total time required to ensure that they are clear of any hazards.

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Global K9 Protection Group

The GK9PG team has established the Canine Cargo Screening Center of Excellence (CSCOE). This 75,000 square foot structure located in the Auburn, AL area is entirely dedicated to the development of Certified Cargo Screening Facility - K9 (CCSF-K9) teams. Our team of K9 Professionals are currently providing CCSF-K9 services in 20 cities across the United States.

GK9PG is a technology focused company that is centered on developing dynamic solutions to meet the ever-changing security landscape. By embracing digital transformation and infusing lessons learned, we are able to deliver the highest quality K9 services in the industry.

Our Certified Cargo Screening Facility K9s (CCSF-K9) serve as bio-sensors to bolster air cargo security. Combining cargo screening K9s with highly trained K9 Professionals creates one of the most advanced air cargo screening technologies.

Certified Cargo Screening Facility - K9