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Capabilities of Detection Canines (Canine Sensory Technology)

While it is commonly known that K9s have powerful noses; we thought it would be useful to provide the public with more detailed information regarding the true power of the detection canine. In a change from the traditional approach to discussing detection canines; this article we will look at the K9s as technology.

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Detection Canines are an elaborate technology that has been developed over thousands of years. From a software standpoint that is thousands of years of preprogrammed information and indexing. Unlike other technologies that exist for odor detection canines are a real-time mobile sensor.

Characteristics of Detector Canines

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Real-Time Detection
  • Broad Spectrum of Detectable Substances
  • Environmentally Adaptable
  • Capable of detecting target odor location
  • Ultra Sensitive Sensor
  • Moderately Acquisition & Maintenance Cost