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K9 Cargo Screening

We recognize the prominent and rising demand for highly trained, quality canines and handlers in today's environment. There is a serious concern over threats to our national security; one that is best met by our trained explosive detection dogs and handlers. Our collaborative networks are comprised of the best in the world, unmatched in our experience, training, and credentials in a wide variety of deployment and operational specialties.

Our canine training methodology is one of positive reinforcement. We use a positive reward system to support the canine's correct response to an imprinted odor. Canines are trained to produce a passive response upon detection of all trained target odors. We are committed to eliminate all cross contaminations and never utilize the “cocktail” method during imprinting or training. Global K9 Protection Group canines are trained on pure odors to ensure effective recognition in training and in the field. We will never compromise this critical commitment that has been proven to be a differentiating staple in the success of our programs. Once our canines are proficient in a controlled environment, they are introduced into operational conditions similar to the areas of operation in which they will be expected to conduct searches. By introducing the canine to these operational conditions at crucial moments in their training process, the canine gains experience in searching in a variety of operational settings.


Global K9 Protection Group Innovations

We are transforming the canine service industry with revolutionary methodologies. Embracing digital transformation our company integrates proprietary cutting-edge video capture and information management software. These secure systems capture key performance metrics and serve as the foundation of our K9 Analytics framework. Our video capture capabilities allows our management team and clients to conduct live audits of canine team operating remotely. These innovations play a key role in enhancing the capabilities and efficiencies of the team.


K9 - Information Management System (KIMS)

Global K9 Protection Group has designed and developed a proprietary web-based K9 - Information Management System or K9-IMS, which tracks our Key Performance Indicators (KPI). K9-IMS enhances our ability to understand and manage the full life cycle of our canines; providing insights into canine inventory, training progression, and health records.

K9-IMS is internet-based and uses the “cloud” to collect, share and manage data and resources. K9-IMS automates administrative tasks using “Work Flow Processes”, which allows our Project Management Team the ability to archive information and streamline processes and procedures. Access to the application is controlled by our Corporate IT Department, and permission levels are assigned depending on user roles and responsibilities. We currently utilize K9-IMS to:

K9 - Information Management System (KIMS) mobile application
  • Support and monitor standard project processes, training, and canine care;

  • Facilitate real-time information transfer and feedback across the entire program;

  • Monitor and track project activities, milestones, and scope changes;

  • Analyze and forecast project performance;

  • Disseminate project status and intelligence to key stakeholders; and

  • Provide real-time information essential for initiating, planning, and executing projects.

We will utilize the K9-IMS to compile, track, and archive canine training, certifications, and medical records as well as other project related data. All documents and records are maintained in electronic format within the K9-IMS.


Global View is a cloud-based video collaboration application for desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices designed to provide our teams with a unique capability to record the K9 Teams search activities in real-time. Allowing our K9 Professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to audit training, review operational searches, monitor live searches, and connect directly with our teams working remotely. By utilizing the unique graphics & audio annotation tools we are able to diminish any potential operational risks associated with conducting decentralized operations.


  • IOS and Android operating systems

  • Live & Non-live features

  • Form-driven, interactive checklist

  • Real-time updates

  • Geolocated Content

  • Unlimited user collaboration

  • No user registration required

  • Open API for easy integration

Global View