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Canine Cargo Screening Center of Excellence (CSCOE)

Our 75,000 square foot Canine Cargo Screening Center of Excellence (CSCOE) is the world largest indoor facility is the dedicated to the development and training of canines and handlers for cargo screening. Designed specifically to expose canine teams to an assortment environment that replicate operational scenarios.

Global K9 Protection Group’s Cargo Screening Center of Excellence

The CSCOE is our canine training center were Explosive Detection Canine Teams hone their skills and become proficient in CCSF-K9 operations. Teams master the techniques and procedures for searching ULDs, skids, individual parcels, crates, vehicles, and warehouse areas.

The CSCOE provides additional training areas for full-spectrum canine training. Offering the following infrastructure:

  • Odor Recognition Training (ORT) Areas

  • Room Searches

  • Box Searches

  • Luggage Searches

  • 6 Acres Outdoor Training Areas

  • Patrol Work

  • Loading Docks

  • Vehicle Searches (Indoors)

  • Classrooms

  • 220 Acres Offsite Outdoor Training Areas

GK9PG Kennel Facilities

Kennel Facilities

Our Kennels are built to exceed USDA and Military Working Dog (MWD) standards. These climate controlled facilities offer canines 70 square feet of space with both indoor and outdoor access. Attached to the kennels are two fenced exercise areas; each are nearly an acre in size.

Lodging Complex

Our strategic partnership with Lyman Ward Military Academy, has provided GK9PG with the ability to have dedicated lodging for our K9 Professional while they attend training at the CSCOE. Founded in 1898 this historical non-profit military academy can house and feed up a 136 K9 Professional and their K9 throughout their time at our primary training facility.

Dedicated Veterinarian Staff

Caring for our canine partners is vital to our operations. To ensure that our canines received the best care possible we have an on staff Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine - Dr. Dan Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell and his staff provide dedicated on-site level III care for our K9s while they are at the CSCOE. Additionally, they conduct coordinate all canine wellness operations for our teams that are at client site.