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Dynamic K9 Services

Global K9 Protection Group Dynamic K9 Services

GK9PG has mastered the art and science of developing and deploying Explosive Detection Canines married with cutting edge technology to seamlessly integrate into existing security programs.

We are a data driven organization that is focused on leveraging technologies to circumvent the impact of unmitigated threats; bolstering current security measures.

Our dynamically trained K9s and highly skilled K9 Professionals are paired with our proprietary cutting-edge video capture and information management software creating one of the world’s most advance explosive detection technologies.

Global K9 Protection Group (GK9PG) Commercial K9 Service LAFC.

We take a multifaceted approach, engineered specifically to provide the most comprehensive method of mitigating the threat of explosive attacks. Our dynamic K9 services, delivers the most advanced explosive detection canines services diminishing the risk of explosive attacks.

GK9PG’s Dynamic K9s

K9 Selection

This all starts with the selection of well-rounded K9s that possess the essential characteristics that are proven to determine their suitability for detection work. Our K9 Procurement Specialist identify canines that have a good demeanor and are very sociable. They check to ensure that they have a high toy drive and that they are extremely obedient to commands.

Once selected canines move into our tailored training program developed based on years of operational experience, lessons learned and best practices by our internal expert canine training staff.

Dynamic K9 Services

Dynamic K9 Training

Our canine training methodology is one of positive reinforcement. We use a positive reward system to support the canine's correct response to an imprinted odor. Canines are trained to produce a passive response upon detection of all trained target odors. We are committed to eliminate all cross contamination and never utilize the “cocktail” method during imprinting or training. GK9PG’s canines are trained on pure odors to ensure effective recognition in training and in the field. We will never compromise this critical commitment that has been proven to be a differentiating staple in the success of our programs. Once our canines are proficient in a controlled environment, they are introduced into operational conditions similar to the areas of operation in which they will be expected to conduct searches. By introducing the canine to these operational conditions at crucial moments in their training process, the canine gains experience in searching in a variety of operational settings.

Customized Solutions

Our highly skilled K9 and security professionals work directly with our clients to engineer customized solutions that marry the bio-sensor capabilities of our dynamic canines with the cutting edge features of our software technology.

GK9PG's E3 Model

Our roadmap for the development of customized security solutions is based on the E3 model. These fundamentals serve as the driving force behind our tailored applications of explosive threat mitigation.

Enhance - How do we enhance existing security measures?

Efficient - What is the most efficient use of our technologies?

Effective - What is the most effective explosive mitigation strategy?

Learn more about the E3 approach in this article: Developing customized security solutions using the GK9PG E3 Model.

Driven by K9 Analytics, we provide turn key K9 Security Solutions that are calculated, well planned, and realistic.


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