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Suspects Injured Constructing Explosive Devices

July 18, 2019 around 3:30pm the Pennsylvania State Police and Bomb Squad responded to a report of a male injured in an explosion at a private residence in Honesdale. The man’s girlfriend claimed he injured himself after detonating an alleged pipe bomb and there were more devices in the home. Officers discovered several Improvised Incendiary Devices (IIDs) at the home but could not confirm if the devices were functional. The suspect has not yet been charged.

July 18, 2019 around midnight the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Macon County Sheriff’s Office, and ATF responded to a private residence after a male was transported to the hospital with injuries sustained from an explosion. The man’s girlfriend claimed he injured himself loading shotgun shells. Officers at the residence discovered a functional pipe bomb and the remains of a detonated pipe bomb and determined that the man injured himself when the explosive device detonated while he was constructing it.