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Tennessee Authorities Discover Four IEDs on the Roadway & in a Home

June 12, 2019, two inmates out on a work program from the Coffee County, TN jail discovered an IED in a ditch while mowing grass near a Manchester intersection. The Manchester Police Department (MPD), Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), and ATF responded to the scene. A second device was discovered about 30 to 45 yards from the first device in front of a private residence.

MPD officers conducted a search of a suspect’s home connected with the two devices found at the roadway, discovering two additional IEDs. The devices appeared to be homemade pipe bombs made from 8 to 10 inches of metal piping. THP collected the devices for a controlled detonation. The suspect, who told officers he threw the bombs on the street to scare his girlfriend, was charged with four counts of possessing a prohibited weapon.

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