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IED Detonated in a Pennsylvania Neighborhood

On May 22, 2019, an IED described as a duct taped soda can with an orange fuse detonated on the road in front of a private residence. An eyewitness to the event described stated that a gray pickup truck with a male driver dumped something out on the road. The vehicle quickly drove away as the device detonated sending shrapnel flying and striking nearby resistances. Local police, Bethlehem Fire Department Bomb Squad, and ATF responded to the incident.

Global K9 Protection Group

The GK9PG team is dedicated to mitigating the risk of explosive threats by developing customized security solutions. By mastering the art and science of canine detection our K9 Professionals are delivering this dynamic bio-sensory technology in over 28 cities within the United States. We are focused on the deployment of robust and comprehensive technologies to meet the ever-changing security landscape. By embracing digital transformation and infusing lessons learned, we are able to deliver the highest quality K9 services in the industry.